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Spirit Taekwondo
About Us

This is Jasmine, I’ll be updating this blog.
So, ...
This is the STC's blog page.
Our master’s name is called Master Leon. He is black belt seven degree(dan).
He is consider as the youngest seven degree(dan) master.
We are from Spirit Taekwondo Centre, Malaysia.
We love to have new members. :)
and also we will have a lot of fun but we will be serious too.
Our class is only on Saturday.
There is no class in every first week of the month.

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Click the title 'Spirit Taekwondo'.

- know more, read this blog. :)

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Spirit Taekwondo
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Sunday, October 23, 2011 || 12:45 PM

So we just ended the exam like around 12.00PM. Firstly I wanna say congratulation to everyone. Yeah, I really have nothing to say so yeah. I'll be uploading the pictures now.

Our Group Photo.

So, if you wanna see the photos. Click > FINAL EXAMINATION < Click it and it will bring you to the album. :)

Year End Taekwondo Exam
Thursday, October 20, 2011 || 6:12 PM

Hey guys, sorry for not posting anything for a quite a long time. cause i'm really busy for my finals. But now my finals are over, so I'm here typing this. So this Sunday ( 23/10/2011 ) is our finals also but for Taekwondo. Just wanna tell you some of the details. So it's in the morning. and it's at our new centre. and please come in full Taekwondo attire. and this Saturday, class is as per normal. no changes. you may wear the STC t-shirt and a long pants or quarter pants. okay bye now. anything ask me on the chatbox.

Saturday, October 1, 2011 || 10:52 AM

So yeah, the this year's TRIP is confirmed. The details, will be below. please check. and you can check the event on facebook. The link is below too.

Location ; Port Dickson
Date ; 11 Nov 2011 - 13 Nov 2011
Time ; 8.00pm (11 Nov)
Link ; To the Event. (Private)

So yeah, now. the basic things you need to bring. Firstly it's your Taekwondo Uniform and your Taekwondo T-shirt. Then a pair of sport shoes, clothes for three days. Mhmm, yeah. we'll be getting wet, so maybe you would like to bring your swimsuit or swimming trunk along. Not to forget, bring your toiletries.

We will be having fun activities. like firstly, the wet activities, and dry activities. On the Saturday morning we will be having Taekwondo training. Okay, then we have BBQ at night. and stuff. We will be having swimming and chilling in the beach. This is just some of the details to let you catch some ideas. So yeah, now you know what to bring and when and where. and also know what activities, so you probably know what you should exactly bring. :) so bye now. wanna know more about the activities ask Theeben. :)