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Spirit Taekwondo
About Us

This is Jasmine, I’ll be updating this blog.
So, ...
This is the STC's blog page.
Our master’s name is called Master Leon. He is black belt seven degree(dan).
He is consider as the youngest seven degree(dan) master.
We are from Spirit Taekwondo Centre, Malaysia.
We love to have new members. :)
and also we will have a lot of fun but we will be serious too.
Our class is only on Saturday.
There is no class in every first week of the month.

Just a reminder, if you wanna view the more preview post,
Click the title 'Spirit Taekwondo'.

- know more, read this blog. :)

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Spirit Taekwondo
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011 || 1:15 PM

Hey'all. As you all know my previous post was about a charity held on December. So yeah, I just wanna give more details. We haven't exactly know whether is this event gonna be on or not. But, I just wanna tell you bout some details when you're there and what to do and all. Mhmm, This is our second charity. Our first charity was last few years. and we decided to make another charity. What we are gonna do there are some junior patterns, some kickings, some self-defense and performances. Then we're gonna celebrate Christmas with the orphans. Everyone is gonna contribute RM10 to buy the Christmas' Hats. Reason why you have to contribute, because it's a charity.


Junior Patterns
> every STC members that is attending this charity are to do junior patterns, it's in a group. The pattern will be decide later.
> Sir in-charge is Abang Kwong and Abang Pushpa

> every STC members that is attending this event are to do some simply kickings, in a group too.
The kickings will decide later.
> Sir in-charge is Abang Kwong and Abang Pushpa

> Only for Black-belt seniors. Any black belt who wants to be in this 'Self-Defense event'. Please tell Abang Kwong and then tell him what self-defense you're gonna do with your partners. Then he will decide with Master Leon.
> Sir in-charge is Abang Kwong

> There will be two performances, one is called the 'solo performance' and another one is 'group performances'.
> The 'solo performances' means either 1 - 5 singers singing. The song haven't been decide yet. The song will be about ..... (surprise).
> The 'group performance' means everyone is gonna sing a song together. We haven't decide what song. The song will be about Christmas.
> People in-charge is Mandy and Jasmine.

If you wanna know more. Message either of us on facebook or you can type it out in the chatbox.

Have another charity.
Thursday, November 17, 2011 || 10:37 PM

Hey guys, so Master Leon gave me this incredible idea. The incredible idea is that we make another charity. Our last charity was to Old Folks, so now it's Orphans. For those who doesn't know what orphans means, it means children that don't have parents by their side. So this charity will be on December, like 1 week before Christmas. Meaning we're gonna have a Christmas party for them, like give them Christmas' hats, some performance, some singing, and we'll be having Santa Claus. :) haha, if you wanna be apart of the arrangement, please tell me. I can't do it alone. :)

Here are some of the orphanages, we'll discussed on it for who wants to be in the arrangement.
List of Orphanages :
My facebook : Jasmine Heng

Check it out.

2nd Trip.
|| 10:08 PM

Hey people! So last week was our trip, sorry I didn't update earlier, lazy. :P Okay here it goes, gonna talk about what we did that 3 days. It was the best days of my life. :)

11 November 2011

That's the day we are going to Port Dickson. It's a 3 days 2 nights trip. We had to gather at Tadika Segar Murni at around 8PM. We were actually suppose to depart at 8.30PM but seems like Theeben the 'VIP' was super late. He was there like around 8.45PM ? Okay, whatever. Then we departed, we reached there around 10PM something, I guess. Then we went to our bungalow, we unpacked our bags. Everyone felt so hungry, so then we went to eat at this shop. The food written on the MENU was scrumptious, but till the food came, ohh YUMM, then when you started putting the food in your mouth, ohh goshhh! It's like we're eating chilli padi. Yuck, it tasted horrible! and it was super spicy! After, we all head back to our house. Our sirs slept downstairs, the girls slept upstairs, A.K.A the biggest room in that house. Some boys slept upstairs, and Theeben's family slept in another room. Then we brushed our teeth, and went to bed. Then the boys opposite us slept like around 4AM, i think.

12 November 2011

Moving on, we woke up around 6AM, and got prepared. Then head down to eat our breakfast. Had training from 8AM - 12PM and the black belts trained until 1PM at the beach, i guess. Yeah, then we got 3 hours rest. some of us went to bed, some went to shower. Yeah, I slept for 2 hours, then I went down, heard people playing UNO and stuff, then some of them were helping out with the balloons and all. At 3AM we all went to the beach, and were group into 4 groups. each group contain 4-6 members. and we had 3 games to play. First was like you had to do the exercise written on the paper showed by our Master, and then you do it, then you run infront of him and copy what the person did on the picture or you have to guess what is the name of the actions that picture was doing. If you got the answer correctly, you get 3 balloons. Then the second game, was you have one guy blind folded and stand in the end with a bucket and then the other members have to roll like a ball when you're holding a water balloon without bursting it then you have to throw it in the bucket. The third game was like there will be 1 square in the middle and 4 semicircle around them. Yeah then each team stand in one semicircle then you'll have 1 person muted, 2 person blind-folded, 1 person hand tied, and the one is shield :) Then attack! yeah, after took few photos, then started water balloon WAR. got attacked by alot of people! thanks to Hafiz, Theeben, Arwin, Mika, Eng Tiek, Janice, Jess, Lennox and more. yeah, then got stepped on the nose, thanks to whoever you are. Then we attacked Sir. Kwong, Sir.Pushpa and lot more. Drank so much sea water, YUCK. but who cares, i had a lot of fun. :) Then went back to our house, showered and stuff, then changed to our clothes. and yeah, BBQ time, played fireworks and all, took alot of awesome photos, love them. moving on, had cake and celebrated Nurul's birthday and also Sir Kwong's and Mandy's anniversary and not forgetting, our STC's birthday too. Some of us planned to stay up late but we were so tired that's why we slept like around 12PM, haha. then before bed, played UNO. fun fun funn! in our room, girl's talk. :)

13 November 2011

Woke up at around 10AM then had Nasi Lemak Special at 11AM, then packed our bags, and then check out and back to KL. Stopped at a Petrol Station, went to toilet, saw Dunkin' Donuts, went there, buy them then ate them at home.


bye now. hope you guys like it. :)

We're Back
Monday, November 14, 2011 || 1:52 AM

Hi, people! We're back! This is the best trip ever, but it's tiring. Yeah, it's 1.56AM now, and my body is aching. and my nose, goshh! Thanks for whoever-you-are that stepped on my nose. >:(c and I just finish editing 70+ pictures and uploaded them, and rotated them. OMGG, never doing it again. but for STC, i would. :D Kay, moving on, it was like really fun. This whole trip is organized by Sir. Theeben and the assistant is Sir. Lim. Really need to thank them for everything. and all the admins would like to thank all STC members that came to the trip for participating this trip and enjoying it. Some didn't come due to some problems, but it's okay. You still have next year. So now I'll just let the pictures to tell you the story. After seeing the pictures, you'll understand how much fun we had, and how AWESOME it was. :)

There are a few albums :
Jasmine's Album ; Spirit Taekwondo Centre's 17th Anniversary Trip '11
Ken Ming's Album ; Spirit Taekwondo Centre 17th Anniversary
Sir. Kwong's Album ; 2nd STC Team Building & Family Day 2011 (Full)

ps ; To view the photos, please click the bolded words and it will bring you to the albums.

See You There
Friday, November 11, 2011 || 6:27 PM

Hi Spirits. LOL, from now on if you're a STC members, you're called Spirits. :) I invented something. YAY! okay, so today's post is about ... Read it then you'll know. Okay, now it's 6.48PM, and as you all know we have to reach there at around 8.00PM. So let's countdownnn, there's like 1 hour 12 minutes more to have our trip starting. :) YEAHHH! mhm, so yeah. I bet some people are still packing their stuff. I just finished packing. I think I overpacked. :P whatever! I know, i know. I told you guys not to overpack and I did. but who cares. :) I don't mind. Haha, I have like 1 bag for my shirts, and another for my personal belongings. Haha, gonna be the photographer over there. TOO BAD, you guys are gonna be mine too. I'm gonna stand behind and infront of the camera. NGEK! mhmm, what should I say? i'll just say SEE YOU THERE at 8.00PM. :) bye now.

Who is Up for some Trips ?
Thursday, November 10, 2011 || 6:26 PM

Hi. I've been spamming post about the trip. So sorry, as you all know I am excited that's why. :P There is like 1 day left. mhmmm, what should I say !?. mhmmmm, mhmmmmm, okay there's one. Just a reminder, whoever is coming for the trip. Be at Tadika Segar Murni at 8.00pm. If you're late, THAT'S SAD, we're gonna leave you there. :D no seriously, we are. :) kidding* AHAHA. and if you want more details, read the previous post and the previous one and the previous one. Any post that includes about the trip. I think there is like 3-4 post about it. :D okay, that's all I wanna say. KBYE!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 || 11:21 PM

Hi y'all. There is like 2 more days to our Year-End trip. Everyone excited ? yes? YES, good. So i guess you guys already buy the stuff you need or pack them. As I know, I haven't pack or buy any of my things. Okay, mhmm, I'm just so excited that's why I am typing this. Sorry, okay. So I've heard that we are going to have BEST DRESS AWARD, something like that. That's what Theeben said. Yeahhh, so dress up as your fanciest, most creative, coolest, funniest you want. Wanna win that award, then you dress up. If you don't care about it, WELL, too bad. you're gonna dress up as well! >:) I really hope 'The Spirits' will enjoy the trip. and oh, yeahhh, you guys are separated into 4 teams. Leaders will be Abang Theeben, Abang Kwong, Abang Pushpa and Abang Lim and also TOO BAD, you guys can't choose who you wanna be with. It's randomizeeeee . >:) and yeah, one more information, it's 3 days, 2 nights trip, so don't overpack. :P kthxbainow

Monday, November 7, 2011 || 4:22 PM

Hey Spirits, <-- LOL. okay, hi. mhmm, this post will be about you'll know later. Credits to Sir. Kwong for the pictures and the information, he actually went to PORT DICKSON to do survey. :)

The view "Lumut Holiday Bungalow"

Another view. The place to have our BBQ.
and the soft green grass is for our training

Another view. Playgrounds for the children.

On the way to the beach.

Just go downstairs and you are at the beach.

As you know, it's the beach. ;)

After the Port Dickson Roundabout,
take the 9 o'clock junction, and go all the way straight about 8km.
until you pass this landmark on your right hand side.

Our bungalow is just beside the
"Kompleks Peranginan Bank Negara Malaysia",
so take this turning in, after the "The Black Beret".
Distance between "The Black Beret" and
this signboard is around 500m.

Another better look at this junction.
Just go straight and you will see the bungalow.

Run baby run, don't ever look back.
After reading that sentence,
if you don't get what does it mean ,
you seriously need to ...

Monkeys searching for food at the rubbish disposal area.

Coconut tree blocking the bungalow. TOO BAD.

At the roundabout, you'll see a new SuperMarket call "Family Store"
we can buy our things if we forgotten. :)

Random picture.

We will be buying our cake here. CONFIRM SAFE. :D

BYE. :)

Here We Go Again
Saturday, November 5, 2011 || 3:01 PM

As you all know that we are going to have our Year-End Trip on the 11th - 13th November. It means next week. OHHHH YAAAYYY! We are going to Port Dickson againnnnn. Hahhhhh. :D
So, today's post it's about what you're suppose to bring and the schedule, the exact one. :)

Things to bring ;
#1 Tae Kwon-Do Uniform & Belt.
#2 STC T-Shirt.
#3 Sport Shoes, Socks and Slippers/Sandals.
#4 Jacket/Windbreakers.
#5 Pillow & Blanket.
#6 Toiletries.
#7 Extra Shirts & Pants.
#8 Camera/Video-Cam (not compulsory).
#9 Personal Belongings.

Schedule ;
11th November 2011
• 8.00pm: Gather at Tadika Segar Murni
• 8.30pm: Depart from Tadika Segar Murni
• 10.30pm: Check In Bangalow
• 11.00pm: Team Arrangement (4 Teams)
• 12.00am: Rest

12th November 2011
• 6.30am: Wake Up & Get Ready
• 7.00am: Breakfast (Sardine Sandwich, Biscuits, Milo & Nescafe)
• 7.30am: Assemble and Warm Up
• 8.00am: Training Begins
• 12.00pm: Training ends & Clean Up
• 12.30pm: Lunch (Spaghetti, Fried Hotdog & Fried Nuggets)
• 2.00pm: Free & Easy
• 3.30pm: Assemble for Tele-Match Games
• 6.00pm: Clean-up and Get Ready for Dinner
• 7.00pm: BBQ Dinner (Games, Price Presentation & Performance)
• 12.00am: Rest

13th November 2011
• 7.30am: Wake Up
• 8.00am: Breakfast (Nasi Lemak Special)
• 9.30am: Free & Easy
• 11.00am: Luggage Packing & get ready
• 12.00pm: Check Out

PS ; There will be a 'event'. Dress yourself up, you can dress as creative and nice as you want. ;)
That's all for now. BYEEE! :D