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Spirit Taekwondo
About Us

This is Jasmine, I’ll be updating this blog.
So, ...
This is the STC's blog page.
Our master’s name is called Master Leon. He is black belt seven degree(dan).
He is consider as the youngest seven degree(dan) master.
We are from Spirit Taekwondo Centre, Malaysia.
We love to have new members. :)
and also we will have a lot of fun but we will be serious too.
Our class is only on Saturday.
There is no class in every first week of the month.

Just a reminder, if you wanna view the more preview post,
Click the title 'Spirit Taekwondo'.

- know more, read this blog. :)

Talk to us.

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Spirit Taekwondo
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Saturday, December 22, 2012 || 10:26 PM

After so long, I am finally back training. It was good, had muscle pain and all. But it was worth it. It's sad to see so little people nowadays cause all my seniors are busy with their works and studies. But I have a good news, we have a lot of new students. Good to have you as apart of our family. We welcome you. :) I hope you have fun with us and will always have us as your 2nd family. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012 || 12:11 AM

I haven't been here for a long time so here I am typing this finally. I'll try my best to post as much as I can now. So today, there isn't any classes cause there's a seminar going on and it was replaced by the first Saturday. I seriously have no idea what this seminar is about because I haven't been going to classes and I'm not recently update but it's okay.

So here's the picture of some details.

I'll update more for you guys later. bye now.

Busy Year.
Saturday, July 28, 2012 || 8:46 PM

It's been so long I havent been training. I've been really busy lately, as I said. Not busy, but BEYOND SUPER. So I havent been up to date bout taekwondo lately. So if anyone knows anything, please inbox me bout it so I can blog about it. Ohh, I found out something. So here it is. There was a canada taekwondo kid who came to our class today, and if im not mistaken, it's Sir.Kwong's cousin. His name is Martin and he is 7. Ohh, he is adorable :p haha. here's some pictures :)

kay bye now :)

Happy Birthday, MASTER.
Thursday, June 28, 2012 || 10:49 PM

Hey Master Leon Ng. As we all know, it's your birthday. So we would like to give this post as your present. I'm sorry if this present isn't as good as you want it to be but as we all know, putting effort with our heart as your present is the best present you're gonna receive or however you say it. Firstly, we would love to thank you for teaching us taekwondo for many years for some of us. We wouldn't be this strong if it wasnt for you. We hope you have a great birthday with your family and we also hope you will have the best birthday this year. This are some greetings from some of the members and some close friends ? :)


Nurul Hudha
Happy Birthday sir!! Enjoy your birthday and make sure you bring some cakes for us in class. Hehe :p

Hafiz Kudri
Happy Birthday, sirr! :)

Uzair Rom
Sir!!! Happy Birthday!!! All i want to say is a million thank you to you for teaching me everything and making me a stronger fighter. Thank you so much!!! I hope you have an awesome day today, sir!!!

Jasmine Heng
Hi SIR / JIU JIU. I wish you a happy birthday and hope you have a blast birthday. You're the best uncle and best master ever. Thanks for being there since I was a baby till now. It's been like 15 years now and all the memories we had with our family was unforgettable. also I would love to thank you for bringing in 100x more fun in all trips. and again happy birthday. Byeeee. :) 

Kenn Ng
My dear brotherrr. Happy birthday!!! May you be blessed with a good health and happiness always....!! 

Ken Lim
SIR!!! I'm glad to be your student! Without you I'm nothing in my life! hahaha... Happy Birthday & have a BLAST!

Huey Lin
Happy Birthday sir, have a nice day. :)

An Ni Lee
Sir Leon, happy birthday!!  It's really my pleasure to know you, sir. Wish you happy always and all the best! Hope to see you again.. ^^

Bryan Heng
Jiu Jiu, Happy Birthday. Have a great one. See you on Saturdayyy :)

Theeben Melvin, Dharmans Deevanish, Arwin Fogarty and Mika
Happy Birthday sir, you've been a great instructor to me and you are always there for me like my Godfather, thanks for everything and may god bless you sir.

Sir. Kwong
Happy birthday, sir. have a great one :)

Some pictures of our memories 

&& there will be more in the group :)

This is all the wishes I've manage to get and Im sorry there's only a few cause I was busy with my projects. and im really sorry this is a last minute work. I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME ONE. BYEEEE! :D

Im back
Sunday, May 20, 2012 || 12:52 AM

Hey guys, so Im done with my mid terms so Im back for taekwondo classes. Today's class was fun. So yeah. nothing much to say. O right, we have taekwondo test today at around 930am. and everyone are suppose to be there by 9. Okay, if you don't know, you can contact anyone. :)

Busy Lately
Friday, April 13, 2012 || 9:58 PM

So I haven't been to class lately, cause Im busy with my studies. Is there any updates lately? Oh right I've heard that this year's trip is to Sungei Palas Tea Garden and Tea Centre. No idea where isit. We shall do some research on it. Well, I have nothing to say much cause i have no idea what to talk about. So I'll stop here for now, bye :)

Long Time No Blog
Thursday, March 8, 2012 || 2:23 PM

Sorry guys, I haven't been updating this blog. Been really busy lately, not lately but everytime. Yeah, I haven't been attending class too cause I have my sports and school's stuff going on which is so annoying. I miss everyone in Taekwondo. Can't wait for this Saturday, I will be going this saturday since I have nothing going on. :) Gotta go now, bye. Love you long time.

Saturday, January 14, 2012 || 8:01 AM

Morning guys, today is the day for our Charity. So yeahh. btw everyone meet at the Tadika Segar Murni at 8.30PM sharp. I hope you guys have fun and byeee now. :)

I'm beyond late.
Thursday, January 12, 2012 || 11:29 PM

Hey spirits, I'm so sorry for not updating this blog. Have been really busy this past weeks. Had alot of homeworks to do everyday, can't help it. So, I know this is really, really late, but still I wanna wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2011 was awesome, but 2012 will be even better than awesome. Moving on, I just wanna brief about some facts about the charity on 2 days time. Okay, so the charity is gonna held somewhere in Cheras. You know what? I better type it down in point form.

Date : 14 January 2012
Day : Saturday
Venue : Tadika Segar Murni(depart) - Cheras Orphanage(arrive)
Time : Before 8AM.

Okay, remember how I say they will be singing! Yeah, it's cancelled. Moving on, please bring all your old things, or things that you wouldn't want anymore so you can donate it to them. For your information, the Orphanage is all girls. There is about 70+ girls there. Okay, Im done explaining. More detail you may contact us or leave a comment on our chatbox. Please wear your STC T-shirt when you're coming.

PS : Transport is provided.**

Merry Christmas. :)
Sunday, December 25, 2011 || 11:43 AM

Hey readers. The STC members want to wish you a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.
and the Charity is postponed to 14 of January. Have fun, if you have any old stuff, please donate. :) bye now. Have fun everyone.